Who We Are

We are students and retirees and everything in between, volunteer members of the Sierra Club’s Grassroots Network Climate Emergency Mobilization Team, who recognize that talking of “climate change” is no longer sufficient to understand the state of the Earth, the only home we and succeeding generations will ever know.

We have faced the fact that the Earth’s climate is destabilizing, and as residents of the United States, the biggest historic contributor of climate pollutants, we have a special responsibility to take action.

We believe that action to cool the planet remains possible. And we believe that local action is critical and can simultaneously help build a movement for regional, state, and national climate action.

In Memoriam
Randy MacDonald was instrumental in turning the vision behind this toolbox into reality. We honor this contribution, and Randy’s many contributions to the environment.


We believe that bold action must be driven locally, rooted in environmental justice.

Our prime mission is to mobilize, empower, and continuously network with local activists to build a movement that supports comprehensive, immediate, and sustained actions to mitigate climate disruption.

These actions must reduce emissions of climate pollutants and/or sequester atmospheric carbon. This growing movement will create the systemic changes demanded by our climate emergency.

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