Video Series: Climate Basics

These videos are a resource for understanding climate change and the imperative of immediate and bold action to stabilize and restore a life-sustaining climate. They are designed to help climate activists develop an understanding of the problem, and answer such questions as:

  • What is happening to our climate?
  • Why is it happening?
  • What are the most impactful local actions that respond to our climate crisis?

Climate Basics 1.0

1. What climate science is telling us (9:17 minutes)
2. More climate science (9:04 minutes)

3. International policy (10:48 minutes)
4. One view of the future (7:32 minutes)

Climate Basics 2.0

This second installment of our Climate Basics series focuses on the scientific justification for removing existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to restore a safe and stable climate. Climate Basics 2.0 reviews the growing body of science suggesting that a healthy and stable climate is possible only with a global temperature rise of less than 1.0 degree C (1.8 degrees F) and with atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations below 350 ppm.

The videos include concepts such as energy balance, radiative forcing, global warming potential, climate forcers, and climate tipping points. Climate Basics 2.0 also includes an overview of the options to cool the planet and provides clarity that emission reductions and atmospheric carbon dioxide removal are “complementary and compulsory.” Neither action alone can restore a safe and stable climate.

Climate Basics 2.0 Bibliography and Image Credits

5. We are in a climate emergency! (16:09 minutes)
6. How did we get here? (24:24 minutes)

7. Options to cool the planet (23:10 minutes)

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